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It is very important to be comfortable in your own home. Homeowners in Illinois want their homes to be nice and cool during the summer months and toasty warm during the winter months.

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When there is a problem the homeowners call our company for their heating repair in Inverness. We are a family owned and operated business with over seven decades of experience. We provide a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our customers in Inverness.

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Whatever your heating and air conditioning needs are, we are the HVAC contractor to contact. We can help with central unites, and provide emergency repair service as well.

Inverness, Illinois

Inverness, Illinois is a small and charming village that has a population of 7,399. The motto for the village is “The Village with a Heritage”. The area was first settled by George Elna in 1836. The area was originally called Deer Grove, then changed to its current name in 1859. The village was incorporated in 1962. The village has relaxation, beauty, and adventure awaiting visitors.

This home was served by All Temp as its qualified Inverness Furnace Repair company

Visitors can learn about the history of the village by going to the Inverness Historical Society on Main Street in downtown. There is exhibits, displays, and photos that date back to the late 1800’s. The farmhouse on Palatine Road is a 100-year-old farmhouse that was once the village hall, and visitors can take a walk through to see how life was a hundred years ago.

Downtown is the heart of the village. Visitors can stroll downtown and do some shopping, then grab a bite to eat. One of the favorite shops where visitors and residents enjoy going to is La Mozzarella. La Mozzarella sells imported and specialty Italian cheeses. Visitors can sample some of the cheese before you purchase them. The Gypsun Shardes is another favorite shop in downtown. The Gypsun Shardes has some of the best guitars on the market along with domestic cigars. If you enjoy pizza, then you and your family should go to Sarpino’s Pizzeria. The pizzas are delicious and they also offer subs and salads too.

The village has delicious foods, exciting shopping, and adventure, which is why the village receives many visitors each year.

All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning is the specialists that homeowners can trust and depend on for quality HVAC services. Contact us today if your AC or heating unit isn’t working properly. One of our certified technicians will provide a solution quickly.

Rescue Animals are Kept Warm and Cozy

We received a call from a retired veterinarian who sometimes kept shelter animals in a separate part of the home heated by its own small furnace. Unfortunately, the furnace had not been maintained in a while and needed some heating repair in Inverness. We came out to help the vet and were able to fix the furnace. We advised him that the unit was quite old. If not properly maintained it would need to be replaced soon.

Furnace repairs were scheduled

We arrived at the home in Inverness and the homeowner showed us to the addition of the home where the small furnace was located. The technician removed the furnace filter as it was pretty dirty, then he cleaned the furnace from all the dust that was present. The technician started lubricating the bearings and the motor as the technician could see clearly that there has been very little maintenance done to the older furnace and he wanted to get the furnace running for the retired veterinarian because he did take in many sheltered animals.

We did some heating repair in Inverness at this home - All Temp

The tech inspected the flame on the pilot light and he noticed that the flame was yellow. This is a clear sign that there is dirt in the burner, so he cleaned the burner thoroughly. A dirty burner indicates that the gas and air isn’t mixing properly. Once he got the burner cleaned he re-lit the pilot light and it was a blue flame, which indicated that was one of the problems with the older furnace. The technician then checked the thermostat to make sure it was set properly and to make sure it was operating properly, which it was. Our technician gave a complete furnace maintenance on the unit to ensure that the customer would have no problems later.

The technician went to talk to the customer and let him know what all he did to this furnace, then he gave the vet some tips on how to keep the furnace in good shape, which he was very grateful for. Our tech told the vet to always replace the furnace filter three to four times a year and this would prevent dust from entering the motor along with making the furnace much more energy efficient, then he let him know that it is important to have the furnace cleaned and checked before heating season and doing this would keep the older furnace operating much longer and better too. The vet was thankful for the tips that our technician gave him and he appreciated everything that our technician had done for him, his furnace, and even the animals that he keeps at his home when they are waiting for new homes.

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