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Not too long ago, we got a call from an older gentleman asking about our Lake Zurich Air Conditioning Company services. He needed two wall units repaired before his grandchildren came to visit him and stay in his guest room. He usually didn’t operate one of them, since it was only for when he had visits from his children, grandchildren, or old friends. We scheduled the appointment and made it on time, and he was relieved after seeing our quick and effective HVAC Contractor service.

The air conditioning repairs were set to begin

The technician started looking over the first AC wall unit. He noticed immediately that the filter was really dirty. When an AC unit has a dirty filter, it reduces the airflow that needs to come through the unit needed to provide the cool air. The technician replaced the filter inside the unit, then turned it on. Within minutes the unit started pumping out cold air.

Successful AC Repair job in Lake Zurich made this older homeowner really happy - All Temp

The technician started working on the second wall unit. The technician turned on the AC unit and it was blowing hot air, so the technician started cleaning this filter as it was also dirty, then cleaning the unit completely. The technician checked to see if the unit had the proper amount of refrigerant and it didn’t, so he wanted to check it to make sure that it was just a leak and nothing major with the refrigerant system. The technician added the refrigerant coolant, then turned the unit on. It started cooling quickly, so the technician started checking to make sure there weren’t any leaks. The tech did find a small leak, which he repaired, then watched the unit for thirty minutes, and the AC unit was performing great.

The technician informed the homeowner what repairs he made to the two units, and he also let the homeowner know that it is essential that the filters on the AC unit must be cleaned at least once a month during the summer months, because if the filter isn’t clean, then the AC unit will not operate properly. The homeowner thanked the tech for repairing them so quickly and affordably.

About a week later the customer called the office to let us know that his AC units were still working great and he really appreciated the knowledge that the tech had. The older gentleman said that if he had any problems again that he would contact us because we are the air conditioning repair specialists he feels he can count on. He also told us that his grandchildren would be arriving in a couple days and they would be comfortable thanks to the great work of our company.

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