We Come Through for Local Shop

Recently, we got a call from a shoe store whose AC unit had gone out, and business was suffering badly. They needed emergency air conditioning repairs from a skilled and responsive HVAC contractor in Barrington. As soon as we got the call, one of our certified technicians went out to their location, and after about fifteen seconds inside we could see the problem, it was incredibly warm inside the store. We took a look at their central air unit and were able to determine the problem very quickly and easily. The shop owner was very grateful to us.

Air Conditioning Repair Goes Smoothly

The technician could understand why business would be affected when he walked into the shoe store. It felt like an oven was turned on full blast. The owner showed the technician where the ac unit was located. He first checked the thermostat to make sure that the settings were correct, then he started checking out the actual unit. He started cleaning the unit out thoroughly, which was very dirty and dusty. The technician also changed the filter as it looked like it had never been changed before.

AC Repairs in Barrington for this shoe store were a success

The technician made sure the air conditioning unit was fully charged with Freon and to also make sure that there were no leaks, which there weren’t. Then he noticed a wire was loose on the unit. He repaired the wire, then turned on the air conditioning and in no time at all the store began to cool off. He started packing up his tools when the owner came back to talk to him to see what the problem was.

The technician told him that the AC unit was dirty and dusty, and that he cleaned the unit thoroughly and changed the filter. He explained that there was a loose wire that he repaired, and he explained to the owner the importance of having the unit maintained annually as this would prevent more costly damage in the future. The owner thanked the technician for coming out so quickly and for repairing the air conditioning for him and his customers. The store owner said that when any customers walked into the store the heat had them walking immediately out the door, which cost him valuable business. The customer also said that he would make sure that he had us back out again to keep the unit running properly.

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