Updating a Heating System for Modern Functionality

Recently, we got a call from a homeowner who wanted a new thermostat installed in their home. They called us hoping we would be a knowledgeable McHenry heating company. Their first question they had was whether or not their furnace was compatible with a new thermostat. We let them know that our technicians would be able to let them know the answer to that question when he comes out to their home. The homeowner was ready for us to come out as soon as possible, and we were able to send out a technician that same day.

The heating company experts were on their way!

One of our professional HVAC contractors arrived at the McHenry residence about thirty minutes after the homeowner had contacted us. The homeowner showed our technician the furnace and the thermostat. We checked out the system and determined that a new digital model would absolutely work for them.

This home called us for our McHenry HVAC Contractor Services

Our technician started removing the old thermostat. Once he had it removed he started installing the new digital thermostat. Our technician connected the wired precisely until he had the thermostat was installed. Our tech started showing the homeowner the different features that the digital thermostat has and how the homeowner could set it. They were really happy with all of the new features, as they had a dial thermostat before we completed our work.

Our tech showed the homeowner the manual for the thermostat and he let him know that most questions that he may have will probably be covered in the manual, but if it wasn’t, then he could contact the office and our of our techs would be able to answer any questions for him. The homeowner couldn’t get over all the different features that were provided and him and his family were having fun just getting familiarized with the new digital thermostat.

The customer was very thrilled with our technician’s quick response to their home and that our technician was able to have the new thermostat installed within an hour. We are just as happy that our products and services met the expectations for this customer among many others, which is why we are the number one heating company provider in McHenry. Our technicians are highly trained and certified and each of our technicians go out of their way to always put our customer’s needs and wants first.

Who would have thought a digital thermostat could bring such happiness and joy to an entire family? The homeowner will be even happier when he sees that his heating costs could be reduced by just having the digital thermostat installed at his home as now he can program his furnace to stay at a desired temperature, which will keep the furnace from running continuously.

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