Second Installation for Planned Expansion

Not too long ago we received a call from an office building that wanted a second furnace installed for a planned expansion onto another floor. At the moment, the furnace currently installed was underperforming. We were able to set them up to keep everyone in the office comfortable.

New Furnace Installation Was Scheduled

Two of our HVAC specialists arrived at the office building to provide the consultation for the Libertyville HVAC Contractor project. Our specialists were going to look over the space, then provide furnace options for the owner. An office manager showed our technicians the second floor space where the owner wanted a new furnace installed. Our technicians measured the space, then gave an estimate for a new high efficiency furnace, duct work, and all parts and labor. The office manager was going to make sure the owner got the estimate and if he liked the estimate, then they would give us a call.

We did some work as a heating company in Libertyville for this homeowner

The owner of the office building must have been impressed with our estimate and HVAC knowledge because he scheduled us to come out first thing Monday morning and start installing the new furnace for the office. Our crew arrived at the business Monday morning as scheduled. The crew first started installing new ductwork. Once they had the ductwork in place the crew then started installing the furnace. They aligned the furnace in the spot that was designed for it, then they began to connect the lines to the electricity.

The crew then had all the ductwork and power supply performed, then they installed the thermostat. When they had the thermostat in place the crew then started up the furnace. Within about ten minutes the office space was already warm and comfortable. The crew began cleaning up their tools and the workplace, then they went to talk to the office manager. The crew showed the office manager how to set the thermostat at a certain temperature and how to program the thermostat so when there is nobody in the office they could turn the temperature down a little. They could turn the temperature down a few degrees that would still keep the office warm, but the furnace wouldn’t have to kick on as often when there was nobody at the office.

Our crew gave the office manager the warranty papers and manual to the new heating system and they let her know that if they had any problems at all or any questions to just call the office and we could come right out. The office manager and workers were very happy that the office would be warmer for them, and they were just glad that they contacted the HVAC contractor in Libertyville because we had their new furnace installed in just two days.

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