Routine Maintenance Needed to Keep System Going

We got a call last summer for an HVAC Contractor in Cary. It looked like their central air system needed some routine maintenance and a new compressor. While we were out there, they asked us to give their furnace a look too. We replaced the filter, tested the system, and recommended that they schedule a follow up appointment in November. They were very happy to be working with such a reliable HVAC contractor.

The Air and Heating Repair Work was Scheduled

The technician arrived at the Cary residence on time as scheduled. The technician was shown the central air system and he began diving into it to start the repairs. He first removed the old air compressor, then replaced it with the new one. The technician then cleaned the central air unit thoroughly by removing the dust, dirt, and debris, then he checked the Freon level, which was good, then he replaced the filter with a new one. The technician removed some of the weeds that was around the unit, so the weeds wouldn’t block the air flow to the unit, then the technician started to look over the furnace.

Our Cary HVAC Contractor team worked at this home

The technician replaced the furnace filter, then he tested the furnace system to make sure that all the wires were connected properly. He then cleaned the motor thoroughly and oiled it. The technician then looked over the thermostat. He changed the battery, then he removed a little dust that was present on the wires. The technician did a thorough maintenance on the furnace unit and air conditioning system.

The technician turned on the air conditioning unit to ensure that it was operating properly, then our technician let the homeowner’s know that their air conditioning unit was repaired and he let them know what all he did to the unit. Our technician also told the homeowner’s what he did to the furnace, and he said to make sure that they called us back in late October or early November so we could do a follow up routine furnace maintenance just to ensure that the furnace would work properly during the cold months.

The technician also let the homeowners know that he changed the battery in the thermostat and cleaned the dust out of it too, because the thermostat is an important element to the air conditioning and furnace system. He continued to let them know that if they had any problems at all with their system to just call us and we would return quickly to make any repairs for them. We are the professional HVAC contractor in Cary and homeowners can depend on our knowledge and experience.


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