Routine Checks Turn Uncover Needed Fixes

Recently, a homeowner contacted us to do a routine maintenance on their furnace. The homeowner wanted to ensure that her furnace would work properly when she turned it on for the winter months. She scheduled our South Barrington HVAC Contractor team to come out Friday afternoon.

Our technician arrived at the home on time as scheduled. The homeowner showed our technician where the heating unit was located and our technician began to do a routine maintenance on it. The technician first replaced the air filter. A clean air filter will keep the air flowing properly, then he started checking on the ductwork. Our technician was checking the ductwork for mold, rust, and buildup of dust. There was no mold or rust, but just dust, so he removed all the dust. He made sure that the joints were sealed and there was a couple that needed to be resealed, so he did that. The technician then cleaned all the soot and dust from the furnace chamber, then he cleaned the furnace blower by vacuuming all of the dust out. The technician checked the gas lines to make sure that there were no leaks, then he lubricated the bearings in the furnace motor and this would make sure that the rotating parts would rotate properly.

The Heating Company Work Continued

The technician then checked the condenser fan by making sure that the voltage and amp was set precisely and doing this would ensure that the life of the motor would be extended. All of the belts and pulleys were inspected and if they needed adjusted, then the technician adjusted them. Our technician did a thoroughly furnace maintenance for the customer and when he was done he let her know what he done to the furnace unit.

We did some work as an HVAC Contractor in South Barrington at this home

The technician informed the customer that the furnace was thoroughly checked out and maintained, and she should not have to worry about it breaking down or anything going out on it during the cold and freezing winter months. The technician let the homeowner know that with an annual maintenance done on her furnace would not only keep the furnace working properly, but it would also lower heating costs and add life to the heating unit.

The homeowner was very pleased with the news that our technician told her about her furnace and she was happy that she called the best South Barrington heating company, because we arrived on time, was very courteous and knowledgeable, and did a thorough maintenance on her heating unit. We are just thrilled that we have another happy customer that was pleased with our heating maintenance and services. We look forward to being this customer’s heating company provider.

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