Quick Repair Job Helps Out Homeowner

Recently, we received a call from a homeowner in our area. The homeowner came home from a long day at work to a cold and uncomfortable home. She needed a reliable Barrington Hills HVAC Contractor immediately! The homeowner wanted us to come out immediately and we told her that one of our experienced technicians would be out in an hour to get her house warm and cozy again.

The furnace repair experts were on their way!

Two of our furnace repair experts arrived at the home and the homeowner was waiting at the front door when they arrived. She explained to the technicians that when she left for work at eight o’ clock in the morning the home was warm, but when she returned home twelve hours later it was cold. The homeowner said she turned down the thermostat, but the air that was blowing out of the vents was cold, so she called us in.

We did some furnace repair in Barrington Hills at this home

The technicians asked her were her furnace was located and she directed them to the basement. The technicians said they would get started on the furnace and get it repaired as quickly as they could.

The technicians started taking the furnace panel down so they could check out the furnace. The first thing that they both noticed was the dirty air filter. The air filter was caked with tons of dirt and dust. The technicians removed the air filter, then they cleaned the area out thoroughly to remove the excess dirt and dust that was present, then they replaced the air filter.

The technicians then started looking at the pilot light. One of the techs noticed that the pilot light was not lit, so they lit the pilot light, but it went out immediately. The technician knew immediately that this was the problem. They replaced the pilot light, then they lit it and the pilot light stayed lit, so one of the technicians went upstairs and set the temperature on the thermostat. The furnace kicked on and immediately started blowing warm air.

The technicians went ahead and did a routine maintenance on the furnace so the homeowner would not have to worry about the furnace not working properly during the winter months, then they went upstairs to let the homeowner know what the problem was. They informed the homeowner that it is very important to always have the furnace maintained a few weeks prior to the heating season and this would prevent any problems from occurring.

The homeowner was just thrilled to know that the furnace repair was done and her home would be warm within the next thirty minutes because she called the furnace repair specialists in Barrington Hills that homeowners can depend on and trust!

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