Quick Repair Job Averts Danger

A few months ago we got a call for emergency heating repair in Buffalo Grove. The homeowner arrived home in the evening and could smell gas in the house. She had set her thermostat to start the furnace automatically, but it was still a bit chilly in the house. It appeared as if the pilot light had gone out, which meant there was a leak. We took appropriate steps to make sure the home was safe to work in, then repaired the furnace.

An emergency furnace repair was needed

Two of our technicians went immediately to the Buffalo Grove home. Once our technicians arrived, we asked the homeowner to please sit in her car until our technicians could make sure the home was safe due to the smell of gas in the home, which she gladly did. Our technicians went to the furnace and noticed that the pilot light was out, so they had to find out where the leak was. The technicians shut off the gas, then they started working on finding the leak, which they did. Once they repaired the leak the technicians relit the pilot light, but it kept going out, so the technicians knew that the thermal couple was out.

This home in needed emergency furnace repair in Buffalo Grove - All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

The technicians replaced the thermal couple, then they relit the pilot light, and it remained on so the technicians knew this was the problem with the furnace. The technicians went ahead and cleaned out the dust that was in the furnace system, then they replaced the furnace filter as it was very dirty, then the technicians did a full furnace maintenance to ensure that the homeowner would have no more problems with the furnace heating the home throughout the winter.

Once the furnace was repaired one of the technician let the homeowner know that she could come back into her home as it was safe now. Our other technician looked over the thermostat to make sure that it was working properly, which it was. Our technicians went over all the repairs that they had done on the furnace with the homeowner, and they let the homeowner to never take a chance again if she smells gas. They told her she should first get out of the home first, then give us a call and we would come right out.

Our technicians made sure the home was safe and the furnace was operating properly for the homeowner before they left the home. All of our technicians go that extra mile for each of our customers and these technicians were happy to see that there was nothing serious going on with this heating unit and we were able to get the Buffalo Grove furnace repair done within just a couple of hours!

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