New Setup After Renovations

We got a call from a past customer who wanted to install a new fan in their bathroom. They had some renovations done, and before everything was installed and completed they wanted us to come in and make sure the basic infrastructure could support the new intended new appliances and fixtures they would install. They called us in for our Algonquin air conditioning repair service.

A routine HVAC contractor inspection was scheduled

The customer scheduled us to come out Monday afternoon, and one of our professional technicians arrived right on time. The technician started checking the framework to make sure that it was sturdy and strong enough for the weight of the fixtures and appliances that were going to be installed, which it was, and then while the technician was doing his routine inspection he noticed that the customer’s contractor had disconnected some of the ducts. It is a good thing that our tech found this problem because the air would not be going into the house, but just leaking out, which would raise the energy costs for the homeowners. 

This home needed a certified Algonquin HVAC Contractor, which was All Temp

The technician went to work reconnecting the duct work. While the technician was reconnecting the duct work he noticed that there were small leaks present, so he sealed the leaks in the ductwork by brushing on mastic. Mastic is a material that will not deteriorate from the joints and this would keep the leaks sealed properly. Once the ductwork leaks were sealed completely the technician checked to make sure the insulation was still in tack, which is was.

We also checked to make sure the bathroom would still be heated in the winter for the customers and it would be. The technician got all his tools and equipment put away in the truck, then he went to talk to the customers about what he found. He let them know that their framework was in excellent condition and would stand the weight of the new appliances, then he let them know about the ducts that were disconnected by their contractor. He let them know that he took care of them by reconnecting them and by also repairing a leak too. The customers were very happy they called us because they would have never known that their ducts were disconnected by their contractor.

The technician let them know that everything was okay now and they could go on with their renovations and if they had any additional questions or needed any assistance to give us a call and we would come right out again. After all, we are the number one HVAC contractor in Algonquin that goes that extra mile to make sure all of our customers are taken care of and all their HVAC needs are met. 

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