New Furnace for Palatine Resident

Our team at All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a top HVAC contractor serving Palatine, Illinois and its residents. For many years we have been a premier provider of top of the line heating and Air Conditioning systems in Illinois. With over 70 years of experience serving Chicago’s northwest suburbs, our team is ready to help you.

We recently were contacted by a local resident. They were looking for a new furnace in Palatine. They explained to us that their furnace had shown some signs of breaking down over the previous winter season. The furnace in their residence had been there before they purchased the house. They were interested in furnace replacement. We told them that we would be happy to help them out with their heating system needs. We scheduled to visit their residence the following week.

Upon arrival at the residence, we were greeted by the client. They thanked us for coming out and showed us their old furnace. After thoroughly examining the old heating unit, we determined that a new furnace would be the best course of action. We continued by helping the client to pick out the perfect new furnace for their home.

After the client had selected their new home furnace, we moved forward with the installation process. We were pleased to be able to assist the resident with the entire process of new furnace installation. The entire process went off without a hitch and the client was pleased with our professionalism and diligence. By the time we had completed the job, the heating system was running effectively and efficiently. The Palatine resident thanked us for our time and effort with their new furnace.


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