Helping A Customer Decide Between Units

All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Inc got a call from a homeowner who had one window unit in his previous apartment but had just moved into a small house and wanted to see what the prices might be for a central air conditioning installation in Crystal Lake. We set up a complimentary consultation with the homeowner and our professional team arrived promptly on time.

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We came out to his house and discussed the different options with him, including installing some new ducts so that the cool air would reach each room. We also showed him photos of different air conditioning units along with the brands. We wanted the homeowner to see what each brand and model could provide for his home. He was really impressed with our knowledge and enthusiasm, and he went ahead with the installation.

a customer used our barrington hvac contractor services for his ac unit installation

Our NATE certified technicians arrived on the morning that the air conditioning unit installation was scheduled for and start working on adding ducts in several of the rooms in the house. Once all the ducts were installed the techs began installing the AC unit. The techs worked throughout the day and by the early afternoon, the techs had the AC unit successfully installed.

The technicians turned on the air conditioner, then he showed the homeowner how to program the thermostat. The technician let the homeowner know that the air conditioning unit that he had selected is a high-efficiency unit that will save him money on his Air Conditioning costs. The technician explained that his AC unit also came with an outstanding warranty, so if he had any issues at all with the unit to just give us a call and we would come right out and take care of it.

The technician made sure the house was cool and comfortable before he started packing up and leaving. He asked the customer if he had any questions at all, and the customer didn’t have any questions, but he said he was very happy that his entire home would be cool instead of one or two rooms like when he used a window air conditioner.

The office representatives contacted the customer two days later to do a follow-up. The homeowner said the air conditioner was doing great and he was very pleased with it. The homeowner said he wished he would’ve done this a long time ago because it feels so good to be comfortable in every area of his home. He also told us that he was very impressed with our services and would call us again if he needed anything else.

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