Furnace Repair Job for Palatine Resident

All Temp takes pride in being a top of the line HVAC contractor serving Palatine, Illinois and its residents. Our team of heating and Air Conditioning professionals is ready to help you with any heating, ventilating, or Air Conditioning needs. For many years we have made the customer our top priority. By providing exceptional customer service and professionalism in every job, we have set the industry standard for HVAC contractors in Illinois.

We recently were contacted by a long time client. They were looking for furnace repair in Palatine. The client explained to us that they had purchased a furnace from us many years before. While they had been extremely pleased with the furnace, they were looking to get it repaired before the upcoming winter months. The client told us that it had been many years since they had any work done on their residential heating system. We assured the client that we were the right HVAC company for the job.

A heating and Air Conditioning expert from our team visited the residence the following Monday. He was greeted at the door by the longtime client. The client quickly showed the technician to the furnace. After a thorough and efficient examination, our technician determined that the furnace had a faulty burner. When a furnace has a faulty burner, it will continue to heat, but significantly reduces the heating capacity. However, this furnace repair only required an extensive cleaning. The burner had a substantial amount of caked-on dirt. This was reducing the furnaces ability to properly heat the residence.

At the end of the furnace repair job in Palatine, the client was very happy with the honest work performed by our team at All Temp Heating and Air Conditioning. He thanked us for our fair pricing, quick response, and professionalism throughout the furnace repair.


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