Fast Service Needed for Dire AC Situation

We got a call towards the end of the summer for some emergency service. On a really hot day, a mom came home from work and discovered that her AC was completely out. With her kids due home from camp soon, she knew she was in for a full day of bellyaching. Fortunately, we were able to provide Deer Park ac repair and fix the problem for her in just under three hours. She was relieved because of the cool temperature, and because she wouldn’t have to put up with a bunch of complaining teenagers.

Our HVAC Contractor Team was on the way

One of our qualified technicians arrived at the Deer Park home within the hour after receiving the call from the homeowner. The homeowner was right, it was extremely hot in the house and there was an issue going on with the AC unit. The homeowner said the blower is just blowing hot air, so our technician first checked the thermostat to make sure the settings were right, which they were. The technician checked the air filter and it was dirty, so he changed that, but that wasn’t the problem.

The homeowner of this home called us for emergency Deer Park HVAC Contractor services

The technician went outside to check the unit. He started checking the condenser coils to see if there was build up dirt on them. There was dirt on the condenser coils, so the technician cleaned the coils thoroughly, and then he removed the weeds that were blocking airflow to the AC unit. The technician did a thorough air conditioning maintenance on the unit, then he went inside to turn on the unit to see if it would start blowing cold air.

Within a few seconds of the unit being turned on the air coming from the vents was cold. The homeowner was thrilled to feel the cold air starting to flow through her home and within thirty minutes the house was back to a comfortable temperature. Our technician let the customer know what all he did to the AC unit and it is very important that the air conditioning unit has maintenance prior to summer. Having the maintenance done would prevent the condenser coils from having dirt built up on it and the maintenance would make sure the unit would be ready to operate properly throughout the summer. Our technician also let her know the importance of keeping the outside unit free from any weeds or plants because the unit has to have plenty of air flow and no blockage. It is very important.

The homeowner was so happy that we were able to get her air conditioner working so quickly and was thankful that we were out to her home in just an hour.

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