Cold Snap Won’t Stop Us!

We got an emergency call from a homeowner whose heating kicked out during a cold snap. They were very concerned about staying warm during the winter, but thankfully we just needed to perform some minor repairs and make sure their electrical system was in good order. They were very thankful they had a reliable Mundelein heating company to call.

Our team started the heating repairs

Our technician arrived at the home within an hour of the homeowner calling us. The homeowner was very thankful to see us there so quickly, and he showed our technician where the furnace was located in the basement. Our technician started checking out and inspecting the furnace. The first problem he noticed was the furnace was very dusty. He started cleaning the furnace by removing all the dirty and debris, then he removed the old air filter and installed a new one.

We did some work as an HVAC Contractor in Mundelein

Our technician turned on the furnace, but the pilot light wouldn’t stay lit. He quickly figured out that the ignitor needed replaced, so he removed the old one and installed a new one. Our technician then started checking the power supply and circuit breaker to ensure that there wasn’t any breaker that had been tripped or a blown fuse, which there wasn’t. The last thing our technician wanted to do before he turned on the furnace was to check the thermostat. Many times a problem with a furnace is based around the thermostat. Sometimes the settings are not accurate or a battery may need to be changed, which is why it is always important to check the thermostat. Our technician changed the battery and checked the contacts. He removed a little bit of dust that was present on the contacts.

After a complete furnace maintenance was performed and a few small repairs, our technician turned the furnace on. The furnace igniter lit immediately and then the blower kicked on. The home was warming up fairly fast for the family. Our technician cleaned up his work area and put his tools in the truck, then he went to talk to the homeowner to let him know the repairs that he done on his furnace.

Our technician let the homeowner know that his furnace should not cause him any issues now because he did a complete and thorough maintenance on it. He let the homeowner know how important it is to have the maintenance done prior to the winter months. The homeowner was just thrilled to know that his furnace was working and he wouldn’t have to replace it with a new one, which is what he was fearing the most about the furnace issues. Now, the homeowner knows to call the heating repair experts in Mundelein anytime he has a problem with his furnace.

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