Checking Over Systems for Potential Purchase

We received a call from a couple that was wanting to purchase their first home. The couple had looked at several homes in the city, but this particular home stood out to them as soon as they saw it and before they purchased the home they wanted to have the heating and air conditioning unit checked out and they wanted to know if we could do this for them. They needed a qualified heating company in Lake Barrington. We let them know we could do this and they scheduled us to come to the home first thing Monday morning.

Our HVAC contractor team was called for a routine check.

One of our HVAC specialists arrived at the residence where the couple along with the real estate agent was waiting for our arrival. The real estate agent showed our technician the heating and air conditioning unit and the couple asked us to inspect it and to inspect the duck work too.

We did some HVAC Contractor work in Lake Barrington for this home

Our technician started looking over the heating and Air Conditioning unit and the unit was a few years old. The technician checked all of the wiring out, then he turned the heat on so he could hear the motor operate and run. The technician felt the warm air so he turned it off, then he turned on the air conditioning and it began to blow cool air. The motor was silent when it was running, which was a good sign. The air filter was not dirty, which was a good sign that the current homeowner made sure to always change the air filter. Our technician then checked out the thermostat and it was a good brand and it was also in good shape.

Our technician then began to check out the duct work in the basement and the duct work had no leaks and was in great shape. Our technician went upstairs to talk to the couple about his inspection. He let them know that the heating and Air Conditioning unit was in great shape and it looked like the present homeowner kept the unit maintained. Our technician let them know that they shouldn’t have any problems with the unit and if they did they could give us a call and we would come on out.

The couple and the real estate agent was pleased with our inspection and our technician left. With the good news that we gave the couple they went ahead and signed the papers to purchase the home. They are now living in their dream home and they don’t have to worry about their heating and Air Conditioning unit because the Lake Barrington HVAC contractor gave it a thorough inspection and they can enjoy their home without any issues happening with their unit.

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