Emergency Repair Services Put to Good Use

Recently, we got a call from a customer from their home, where we had previously installed a central AC unit. Apparently, their son had been playing with the thermostat all day and broken it, so the air conditioning was completely non-functioning throughout the house. The homeowners told us that the house was incredibly hot and near unbearable, and we let them know that we were there for them as their reliable Wauconda air conditioning company.

The air conditioning repair was underway

We came out to their home for emergency air conditioning maintenance services in just under an hour, and determined that it was a simple electrical malfunction inside of the thermostat. But, before the technician narrowed down the problem, he first looked over the air conditioning unit to make sure that it was operating normally. While the technician was looking at the AC unit, he went ahead and cleaned out the cobwebs and dirt that were visible on the unit, then he removed some of the weeds that were around the unit so it would maintain proper air flow.

We did this home a great service with our emergency air conditioning repair in Wauconda - All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

After checking all of the fuses and wires within the AC unit, the technician found that it was just fine. So, the technician went to the thermostat to inspect it. Immediately, the technician noticed that one of the wires inside of the thermostat was loose, which could have occurred when the son was playing with it. The technician checked each wire with his meter to make sure they were all okay, then he reconnected the loose wire, then he turned on the air conditioning and it started right up. The technician set the temperature, then let the homeowners that he would wait to make sure that the house was cooling down.

Within 10 minutes the home was starting to cool down, so the technician explained to the homeowners everything he had done to repair their thermostat. The couple thanked him for coming out so quickly, as they didn’t think they could survive the evening without air conditioning. The couple said that this wouldn’t happen again as their son understands now that he shouldn’t be playing with the thermostat, too. The technician let the couple know that he also cleaned out the air conditioning unit by removing the dirt and debris because doing this would also keep the AC unit operating properly.

The technician let the customers know that if they had any problems again in the future to just give us a call again and one of the techs would be right out because we always try to ensure that past customers continue to receive great service. The look of relief on their faces was clear as day!


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