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Illinois homeowners in our area always contact us for all their heating and air conditioning services, because we have been providing reliable service as a heating company in Timber Lakes for decades. We are a family owned and operated HVAC company with over seventy years of experience. Our professionalism is only matched by our dedication to quality work. We provide Timber Lakes with a wide range of heating and air conditioning services to meet all of their needs.

Our Available HVAC Contractor Services

Here are some of our most popular services:

  • Air Conditioning

  • Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Air Conditioning Installations

  • New Furnace

  • Heating Repairs

  • Furnace Repairs

  • Furnace Installations

  • Heating Company

  • And much more…


  • Factory trained technicians who are NATE certified.
  • Our installation crews have years of experience.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • As a leading Lennox dealer we carry the highest quality products.

All of our employees are NATE Certified and factory trained on the latest models and units. We have the experience and knowledge to meet all heating and cooling needs. If you have any questions about your heating system or the temperature in your home, be sure to give us a call for more information.

Timber Lakes, Illinois

Timber Lakes is a small and charming village with the population of nearly 10,500. The village is approximately thirty miles from Chicago. The village was named as “One of the Best Small Towns in Illinois for a Getaway”. Visitors will find an array of activities to enjoy in this village.

Our Timber Lakes HVAC Contractor work was a success All Temp Heating & Air conditioning Inc

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy going to the Timber Lakes Golf Course. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an avid golfer as this golf course is great for everyone. There is a driving range, a putting green, and the 18-hole championship course will provide you with a challenge.

The Timber Campground is always a favorite destination for visitors. The Timber Campground has fishing, swimming, sand volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, and a large playground for the kids. There are many different camping spots and visitors will have a great time spending the weekend at this campground.

If you and your family enjoy live theater, then you will want to stop by the Timber Lake Playhouse. The Timber Lake Playhouse was first opened in 1961 and is the oldest theater in the state. The theater provides a children’s theatre, jukebox and concert series, and a few of the shows that are featured at the theatre include Beauty and the Beast, The Full Monty, and Fiddler on the Roof. Visitors should check the schedule of the theater to see what show will be featured.

After an evening at the theatre visitors can stop by The Heart of Europe Café to enjoy a variety of delicious European pastries. The café has many different tasty treats to indulge in and the best espresso in the village.

For all of your heating and air conditioning needs in Timber Lakes, contact us. We provide 24/7 emergency services.

Emergency Repairs after Accidental Damage

We got a call from a homeowner who had accidentally damaged some electrical components in their heating system after attempting to do some repairs on their own. It wasn’t an emergency, but the situation was somewhat urgent. We were able to come out the following day. It looks like they had connected some wires incorrectly, which could have severely damaged more important parts of the furnace. We were able to untangle the mess and do the necessary heating repair in Timber Lakes in just one day.

Service from a reliable Heating Company

Our technicians arrived at the home on time and the homeowner showed the technicians the heating unit. The technicians noticed quickly what a mess the heating system was. There were wires that were just hanging and some of the wires were in places where they were not supposed to be. Our technicians started with each wire by testing each one. There were several of the wires that was completely ruined, so the technicians replaced these wires, then connected them in their proper places.

This home is where we did the Timber Lakes Heating Reapirs

Once the technicians had the wires in their proper places and the bad ones replaced the technicians began to clean the unit thoroughly to remove all the dust and debris, then the technicians replaced the old filter with a new one. The technicians then looked over the thermostat to make sure that it was in good working condition. They changed the battery in the thermostat, then they set it to see if the heating unit would turn on, heat up, then shut off properly, which the furnace did.

Our technicians worked hard to get the heating unit repaired and operating properly in just one day. Our technicians wanted to make sure that the heating unit would not only run properly all winter long, but for many years too. The technicians let the homeowner know what repairs they made and to let the homeowner know that they will not have to worry about their furnace working right this winter, because they provided a full heating maintenance on it along with repairing all of the wires.

The technicians let the homeowner to never try to do any of the electrical work on the heating unit in the future, because one wrong move and a new heating unit would have to be installed. The technicians told the homeowner that if he had any issues with the unit, then to just call the office and we would return because all of the work that we have provided is backed with our warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians are always pleased when they are able to assist new customers, which makes us the heating repair specialists to call in Timber Lakes.

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