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Illinois homeowners always contact All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning for their furnace repairs in North Barrington, because we provide the highest level of expertise with all of our heating and ac services. We are a family owned and operated business with over seven decades of experience and training. We provide a wide array of services to meet the needs of our customers in the area.

Heating Repair and Installation Services

Heating Company Services Offered
Our most popular services include some of the following:

  • New Furnace

  • Heating Company

  • Furnace Installation

  • Furnace Repair

  • Heating Installation

  • HVAC Contractor

  • Air Conditioner

  • AC Repair

  • Air Conditioning Company

  • Air Conditioner Repair

  • And so much more…


  • Factory trained technicians who are NATE certified.
  • Our installation crews have years of experience.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • As a leading Lennox dealer we carry the highest quality products.

We thrive on exceptional customer service, using high-quality materials and products, and providing competitive prices. We also specialize in providing HVAC contractor services for commercial clients, so you can rest assured that there are no jobs too big or too small for us.

North Barrington, Illinois
North Barrington, Illinois is a charming village with a population of 3,047. The village is thirty-five miles from Chicago. In the early 1830’s the first settlers began arriving to the area. The first home that was built in the area was in 1857 and that home was known as the Kimberly house, which currently stands today. The Kimberly house was visited by President Theodore Roosevelt who just happened to be a cousin of the daughter-in-law of the Kimberly’s. There are many beautiful places to see and things to do in this village.

We did some furnace repair in North Barrington at this home

One of the most exciting places in this village is The Catlow Movie Theater. The Catlow Movie Theater was established in 1927 and not only can you see the latest blockbuster movies at the theater, but you can also see live plays too. The theater is located on Main Street and the theater has been restored, so visitors can enjoy watching the shows in total comfort. There is also a sandwich shop called Boloney’s where visitors can pick up a sandwich before the show starts.

Golf enthusiasts will want to go to Makray Golf Course. The Makray Golf Course was first opened in 1962 by Paul Makray Sr. This public golf course is an 18-hole course with challenges and natural beauty. The golf course was revamped and remodeled in 2002 and is a favorite spot for everyone.

The Blue Heron Café is one of the popular cafés in the village. It is a family owned and operated business that serves delicious entrées, sandwiches, and desserts. The café is located in downtown and next to the café is the Tru Bleu Boutique. This is a great boutique where visitors can purchase gifts and souvenirs.

All Temp Heating & AC is the heating company and air conditioning company that homeowners contact for all their installations and repairs. Let us help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with our heating and ac services. Give us a call today!

Furnace Needs Immediate Attention

One of our neighbors was experiencing heating issues when he arrived to the his house Monday evening after the work day. He turned up the heat to get the house warmed up before the rest of his family returned. He noticed that it wasn’t warming up and he stuck his hands over the heating vent and there was no air blowing, so he called the number one HVAC contractor in North Barrington immediately, which was our company. We let the warehouse owner know that our technician would be right out.

The heating repair was underway!

Our technician arrived at the house within thirty minutes. The owner was pleased to see him and he explained what was going on and then he showed him where the unit was located. Our technician told him he would get started on it immediately. Our technician first looked at the thermostat to make sure the settings were set correctly, then he changed the battery in it because it looked old. Our technician then went to the heating unit and started inspecting it.

This home needed emergency heating repair in North Barrington from All Temp

The air filter had not been replaced for the winter season so our technician replaced it, then he looked over the motor. The motor was running properly and our technician went ahead and oiled it. The pilot light was not on, so our technician tried lighting it, but the pilot light didn’t light. The technician wanted to check the gas valve to make sure that it was not shut off before he changed the pilot light. The technician noticed that the gas valve was indeed turned off, so he turned the gas valve on, then he lit the pilot light and immediately the heating system started putting out warm air and heat. Our technician went ahead and cleaned the area around the furnace, then he went to let the owner know what the problem was.

Our technician informed the customer what the problem was and the technician asked him if this was the first time that he had turned on the heat for the season, which it was. The technician said that the gas valve was turned off during the off season, but he turned it on, replaced the air filter, battery, and did some maintenance to the furnace for the customer. The customer was just happy to know that he wouldn’t have to wait for a major repair to be done and the furnace was working.

The technician told him that it is vital that before the customer turns on the heating or Air Conditioning for the season that the system should be maintained. This would keep the system operating properly along with keeping the heating and Air Conditioning costs down too.

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