Another Maintenance Job in Preparation for Colder Days

We received a call from a customer whom we had installed a furnace for last year. They called us as it cooled down for some routine Kildeer heating company maintenance. We went out to their home and checked out their heating system completely. Everything seemed to be in order, but we did do some minor work.

Furnace repairs were scheduled

Our furnace technician arrived at the Killdeer home and the homeowner led him to the furnace. Our technician first started cleaning the furnace to remove the dust, dirt, and cobwebs that had gathered on the heating system over the months. He then removed the dirty air filter and replaced it with a new one.

We did this work as an HVAC Contractor in Kildeer for this home - All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

A dirty air filter will make the furnace work harder than it has too and it can also cause the heating system to overheat and a reduction in airflow. Our technician began to check the ignition control and the ignitor was clogged up, so he replaced the ignitor.

Our technician oiled and provided furnace maintenance on the blower as the homeowner thought he heard a bit of rattling. After he did a complete furnace maintenance on the heating system he went to inspect the thermostat. He checked the battery and replaced it, then he made sure all the contacts were cleaned and operating properly. It only took our technician a couple of hours for the furnace repairs and maintenance, but when he was finished he knew that the homeowner would not have any issues with the unit throughout the winter months.

After he cleaned up and packed up his tools, our technician informed the homeowner about a few repairs that he performed along with providing a thorough maintenance on the heating system. Our technician let the homeowner know that he doesn’t have to worry about the furnace performing during the cold winter months as the furnace was ready to run. The homeowner was very happy for some reassurance and was thankful that our technician provided a thorough maintenance on the heating system because nobody wants to come home from work or wakeup in the middle of the night to a cold and uncomfortable home when the furnace isn’t working right.

The homeowner can now stay warm and cozy without any worries because he called the number one furnace repair contractor in Killdeer who backs all their work and services with a warranty that other furnace repair contractors don’t match. Our technician was just as happy with the repairs that he made for the customer. The customer’s smile gave him all the thanks and praise that he needed knowing he done a great job for this homeowner.

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