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We got a call from a worried single mom who had run her furnace in the late summer to make sure everything was working before it actually got cold. She was a very prepared person and did this test every year to save her headaches in the long run. When she turned the furnace on the only thing it did was blow air. The air was not warm at all. Luckily, she called us for our Arlington Heights HVAC Contractor services on the off season, so we were able to come out and fix her furnace for her at a very affordable rate.

The furnace repair was underway

We arrived at the customer’s home and she led our technician to the furnace. She explained that the air was just not hot blowing out. The technician first checked the air filter because a dirty air filter could cause restriction and not allow warm air to flow. The air filter was a little dirty, but not enough to cause this problem. Our technician went ahead and changed the filter, then he checked the thermostat. He checked the battery inside of the thermostat and it was old, so he changed it. The technician then checked the pilot light. He lit it, but after a few minutes it went out, so the technician cleaned it because sometimes the thermocouple gets clogged, but that wasn’t the problem. It needed to be replaced.

A single mom called All Temp for our Arlington Heights HVAC contractor services

Our technician changed the thermocouple, then lit the pilot light and it lit up immediately, but he wanted to make sure that the pilot light stayed lit, so he watched it for approximately five minutes, then turned the thermostat on to see if the air would be warm. Within a minute the air coming out of the vents was warm and the problem was solved. The technician went ahead and cleaned the furnace thoroughly to remove all dust and debris, then he put away all his tools and supplies, then went to speak to the customer.

Our technician explained all the steps he took and that he replaced the battery in the thermostat, cleaned the furnace and put a new filter in, then replaced the thermocouple. He let her know that the furnace was all ready to go once it became cold again. Our technician did let her know that she should change the furnace filter at least once a month because this will keep the dirt and dust away from the motor, and the thermocouple is just a part that goes out in older furnaces like she has, but she shouldn’t have a problem with it now. The single mom was very happy that everything was repaired and her furnace is now completely ready for the winter months.

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